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Title: SPARING at Regattas
Post by: Pebbles on July 24, 2019, 01:02:01 AM
Hello Fellow Paddlers,
Iím a seasoned paddler looking for a Teams (Mixed and Womenís) needing a spare or two for the following Regattas:

*Victoria - August 9-11. Both Mixed (2 spares) & Womenís Teams (1 spare)

*Steveston - August 24. Mixed Team (2 spares)

*Osoyoos Flag Races - Sept. 20-22.  Both Mixed (2 spares) & Womenís Team (1 spare)

Unfortunately, our team is not participating in these regattas but we love to paddle and sparing is a great option.

We are seasoned paddler of 10+ years in DB plus 4+ years in Competitive OC combined.
Preferred (strongest sides) are RIGHT SIDE.
We are in the small size side. (125 lbs & 145 lbs) if you need to know for balance.

If we can help your team out, please contact me.