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Title: Kelowna Registration Docs
Post by: Angus on March 18, 2005, 02:12:55 PM
It may be a little early to be thinking about Kelowna, but... the registration info is up!!!


Title: Interested in racing in Kelowna
Post by: ADD_Kid on March 28, 2005, 08:26:53 AM

My team is thinking of coming out west to race in Kelowna this year.  I was wondering if any of you could give us some tips/info about the festival (where to stay, what the festival's like, water conditions, etc).

Any info would be appreciated.

Title: Kelowna Registration Docs
Post by: Angus on March 28, 2005, 09:04:53 AM
The festival is very well attended, lots of teams from BC and a reasonable number from outside the province too.
Be sure to bring your own tent. There's lots of space to set one up on the grass or on the beach. It has rained in both of the last two years during the festival so don't be too surprised if it rains again! It does get rather cold when you're wet.

All hotels (except the Grand and possibly the ones downtown) are outside of walking distance, and they fill up fast!!! Book early. Prices are relatively  high for a city that's at Kelowna's size. Be careful about the Royal Anne Hotel: They stuck most of my team in their "annex" across the alley from the main hotel last year. The annex is a dump of a place that's directly above their pub. The floors vibrate until 1am when the live band stops playing.

Parking around the site is usually pretty bad, but the festival gives you one parking pass for the "Manager's Lot". If you can't find any parking in the area, try going over to the Library parkade. It's not too far away and it's usually free to park on the weekends.

They give paddlers wristbands to wear for the duration of the festival (ie you can't take them off overnight).

Water conditions are usually somewhat choppy, since the wind often picks up at that time of year, and it is a large lake after all.

The races usually run about 30 - 60 minutes LATE on Saturday, and is often up to 30 minutes EARLY on Sunday. Beware of this!!! Make sure you arrive extra early on Sunday or else they'll start the race without you!!

While in town, go check out all the stuff that the city has to offer. Visit a winery, visit a pub, visit one of the many fine restaurants.

Title: Kelowna Registration Docs
Post by: paddleboy on March 28, 2005, 10:18:16 AM
Hmmm........ I haven't found the water all that bad .Every race I've done in Kelowna actually has been fairly good .

 Your probably best to contact the festival site for info on hotels but book early or you won't get in . I think the best thing may be to get a houseboat like Gorging did last yr and park at the site .They had it the best but it cost them in the end w/ all the drinking & partying they did   :Cheers:  :roll:

 The competiton is good , and yes the weather for the last 2 yrs has been on the colder side but you never know w/ Kelowna it could be the opposite this yr